How To Get AT&T Email Server Setting On Your Mobile App or Desktop Application

How To Get AT&T Email Server Setting On Your Mobile App or Desktop Application

If you wish to want to know how to get AT&T email server setting on your mobile app or desktop with the help of the best AT&T email support provider. Here is the following setting you need to follow and implies to your AT&T email account.

Follow the instructions and information provided below:-

What is POP3 and IMAP server setting?

POP3 and IMAP settings are used to send and receive emails on your mobile email app or your desktop email program (Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail). Users always are assured with the right and appropriate server and port settings.

Those settings are better for an email address with any of these domains:-

Email protocol Inbound Server Inbound Port SSL Outbound Server Outbound Port
IMAP   993 Yes   465 or 587
POP3   993 Yes   465

Prevent email hiccups :-

A safety update is coming to AT&T email, so in case you’ve got particular email programs or app programs, you are going to need to upgrade your preferences. Learn more about this security update on your devices.

If your app or program is changed, make certain to make a secure email key. If you want to install or maintain your AT&T email using a desktop application or mobile program.

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If you are still not able to fix your issue related to How To Get AT&T Email Server Setting On Your Mobile App or Desktop Application so please directly contact our AT&T customer phone number +1-800-340-8099 and Connect to live yahoo chat.

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