Learn How To Create A Secure Mail Key For AT&T Account

Learn How To Create A Secure Mail Key For AT&T Account / AT&T Email Program without Open Authentication (OAuth)

Learn about secure mail keys and the reason why you will need one to use AT&T email account with a desktop application or email program without Open Authentication (OAuth).

Follow the given below INSTRUCTIONS & INFO:-

AT&T email program security to upgrade shortly by the upcoming time

Users should act today to prevent email hiccups:-

Can you use a mobile program or a desktop application tomanage andaccess your own AT&T email?  If so we recommend you to access Open Authentication (OAuth) technology .Find out about OAuth and learn if your program uses OAuth.

If your email program or application  program does not have OAuth technology, then it is only going to have the ability to get your AT&T email program or program working with a 16-character secure mail key. Make sure you are utilizing my AT&T to produce a secure mail key for all your AT&T email addresses and subaccounts, so users can still access to their account:-

  • Access your AT&T email account along with your preferred email programs.
  • provide additional account information, like your contacts and calendar, to a own email program

Learn a produce for creating a secure email key:-

Learn to make a secure email key from your PC, mobile device or tablet computer.

Make sure that your AT&T email User ID and password ready to register at my AT&T.

  1. Visit Profile > Sign-in information.
  2. Choose the email account which you would like to acquire a secure email key for. ( You will discover a drop-down menu in the top in case you’ve got several accounts)
  3. After that Select Secure mail key and choose Manage secure mail key.
  4. Choose the 1 address Email that you would like to access ,If you’ve created more than 1 email address.
  5. Choose Add secure mail key.
  6. After that Provide a nickname and keep it written at safer place to your secure mail key because it makes it easier to recognize.
  7. After that Choose Create secure email key.
  8. After that choose copy secure mail key to your AT&T email clipboard. (Jot down your secure mail key, which means you’ve got it handy in case you need to upgrade an email program on many devices.)

For safety purposes, the secure mail key will be simply showed until you pick OK.

Make sure that you have been really forgotten or lose the secure email key,therefore you may produce new secure mail keys as per your requirement.

9. Next click on OK button

10. Visit your email program and replace the present password along with your secure mail key. (Firstly remove the present AT&T email password to both SMTP and IMAP servers and after that replace them with your secure mail key for your AT&T email IMAP accounts.)

Get the additional secure mail key notes for your AT&T email account:-

Learn How to Prevent Protected mail keys and how to Change to an OAuth email Program

Follow for step-by-step directions to update or install your own email accounts in many popular email programs, use our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool.

Review AT&T email programs on all of your devices (PCs, Android or IOS devices)

Examine the your AT&T email programs that you use on every one of your devices to get to know that they utilize OAuth technology. When they don’t, then we advise you to change to an OAuth email program. Otherwise, you are going to need to establish a secure mail key to use to your non OAuth email programs.

Learn the following Steps to get one secure email key for your each and every AT&T email address

You must have your own secure mail key if you would like to use it with the email program which is not OAuth compatible with your each and every AT&T email address, such as every sub-account.

Access your AT&T email accounts with secure email key or with no OAuth email app

You must always read and handle your own AT&T email with a browser in currently.com. Utilize your AT&T password and email.

A secure mail key won’t affect your AT&T email password

You will still use the identical password that you currently use to your own AT&T email accounts in OAuth compatible programs, my AT&T, and other AT&T products such as currently.com and web mail. And, when you alter your AT&T email password, then you won’t have to acquire a new secure email key.

Maintain your protected mail key so long as you enjoy

Secure mail keys never dies or expires.

Produce a brand new secure mail key to get a blocked or secured account

For security reasons we delete protected mail keys whenever we’ve got to block or lock your accounts. If it generally  occurs, you need to produce a new secure mail key for your each and every AT&T email account address.

Why it is better to give your secure mail key a nickname

We strongly advise you to make a nickname to identify your secure mail key because it makes easier to remind, particularly in the event that you’ve got multiple account .Because it is generally easier to remind a nickname like John’s email as compared to random 16 random characters you entered when you create your new email account.

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